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  • 3 Ways You Can Have a More Sustainable Lunch At Work

    We eat to give our body nutrients so it can fuel our body to be productive throughout the day. Or we just munch because we find ourselves in an afternoon slump, a little bored, or a way to keep our minds active while working on tedious projects. Gathering such snacks usually consist of walking to the vending machine, which creates more plastic waste to add on to your growing carbon footprint. The good news is, we can only start to solve a problem once we identified that one is there. If you are guilty of being a snacker throughout the day, here are 3 things you can do to have a more sustainable lunch at work.
  • 4 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Waste At Work

    It’s one thing to change your habits in the house, but how can you change your habits in the office? Here are 3 helpful tips you can start implementing today to eliminate the waste guilt you may feel when you are at work.

  • 3 Things You Can Do To Have a More Eco-Friendly Commute To Work

    When Spring starts to bloom, everyone has a natural calling to head outside and soak in some Vitamin D. For those who live in colder climates, it’s the first time since winter where you can head outside and enjoy it. Here are my top 3 ways you can have a more eco-friendly commute to work.
  • 3 Things You Can Do To Be More Eco At Your Office

     I can definitely give you more than 3 reasons, but 3 helpful tips seem perfect to get you started. In this article, I will give you 3 tips on how to be more eco in your office without having to consult your office manager and easy ways to implement them. 
  • A Composting Guide For Apartment Living - Boston & Cities Alike

    Composting has an array of stigmas and misconceptions, so I decided to do a bit of my own research. I went down a couple of rabbits holes because it's not frequently advertised or talked about among friends and family of mine. I used to main resources one for generic knowledge and tools which you can see here or if you live in the city of Boston you can click here to gain general information as well as learn about the Oscar project here.
  • Stainless Steel Straws vs Paper Straws in 2020

    Let's talk about the elephant in the room at every restaurant now a days...Are paper straws really the best choice? Learn more here if paper straws are really the best solution or if we just created a new problem
  • 5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 2020

    It's one thing to be told what you should do but is anyone telling you how to do it? Keep reading to learn my top 5 actionable steps to reduce your carbon footprint today!
  • What Is Global Warming?

    Global warming, climate change what does this all really mean? Explore in this article what the difference is, what will we do and what can we do.
  • The Facts About Stainless Steel Straws

    Let's look at the facts as to why metal straws are best not just for our health but for the planet and marine life. Read this article to see why stainless steel is a great option and why plastic has to go!
  • Benefits of Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

    This article will share 6 benefits of using metal straws as well as helpful links to learn more about saving the seas and getting involved with organizations that work hard everyday to fight the war against plastic. Special shout out to IFAW and #breakfreefromplastic
  • 14 Ways You Can Help Save Our Beaches

    Yes, we are still playing the same broken record called "We Need To Save Our Beaches!" Finally, we have a lot of people wanting to help make a difference to help preserve our planet. More and more research has shown that the earth can actually heal herself given the chance. Luckily, this helped change our mindset's which brought you to this blog. As always, I try and link external resources to help you learn more about the topics that I briefly introduce to you. Without further a do here are 14 ways you can help save the beaches! 


    Doutzen Kroes, commonly known for being a top model, posted on her Youtube channel "Doutzen Diaries" a video called "A SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE DAY". The...
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