• Glass vs. Metal Straws in 2020

    In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of both these items and why we recommend one over the other. I also included at the end my personal experience and way to get creative when using reusable metal straws. Ultimately, you will have to choose which is the best solution for you or your business.
  • Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts!

    If you are going to get a gift personalized for a special someone THE DAY to do it is on Valentine's which is a couple of short weeks away. Personalize a stainless steel (best reusable straw) with a wooden holder that is biodegradable today! Includes a cleaning brush and travel pouch with 4 straw colors (silver, black, gold, and rose gold)
  • Make A Big Impact By Making Little Impact

    Doing BIG things in a small way is our motto & we will help you get there!  If you ever spent at least 10 seconds on our website you will know...
  • Personalized Metal Straws: & Whats The Hype?

    Now that it is 2020, we are alarmingly close to some scary statistics and the only way to make them not come true is if we take a stand to make sma...
  • Personalized Custom Straw For One!

    Finally! You can personalize a metal straw without high order quantities. Now you can have a customized metal straw with a minimum order quantity of 1!
  • Admissions Gifts Prospective College Students Actually Want

    What do college students want vs what they actually need. Is it possible to give them both in one freebie promo item?
  • How To Order Customized Straws On UseMeLIFE

    Ordering custom wholesale products online doesn't have to be hard! UseMeLIFE makes ordering online easy no matter which product you chose to order.
  • What You Need To Know About Custom Promo Items

    Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie item but nobody wants another pen or posit pad item that is going to collect dust in the junk drawer. Being unique, innovative and sustainable is what’s catching peoples attention among millennials and Gen Z!
  • nonprofits to know about

    There are many different kinds of nonprofit organizations that support different environmental needs. Some have local chapters you can join where y...
  • Healthy Snacks To Feed A Hungry Crowd!

    Here is my favorite spring/summer time snack  For all my fellow sweet tooth's, this one is for you In a serving bowl, put your favorite greek flavo...
  • 10 Superfoods To Rev Your Engine!

    We did the research for you, here is the list of our favorite energy fueled foods!  1. Bananas  2. Fatty Fish 3. Brown Rice 4. Sweet Potatoes  5. E...
  • 5 Things To Do During Earth Hour

    1. Star Gaze 2. Candle Lit Dinner  3. Game Night By The Fire Place 4. Read  5. Evening Walk With Friends & Family 
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