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14 Ways You Can Help Save Our Beaches

Yes, we are still playing the same broken record called "We Need To Save Our Beaches!" Finally, we have a lot of people wanting to help make a difference to help preserve our planet. More and more research has shown that the earth can actually heal herself given the chance. Luckily, this helped change our mindset's which brought you to this blog. Without further a do here are 14 ways you can help save the beaches! 
1. Take Care Of Your Trash Properly! 
When headed to the beach, prep your lunch prior. If you can, make your food at home and bring your food in reusable containers. If you simply were having one of those days and need to stop and pick up some grub, refuse the plastic bag and reduce any other wasteful materials when possible. When finished, dispose of them properly by walking to the trash and recycle bin.
2. Feed Yourself, Not The Animals!
It's hard for me to remember a time where I have not seen a sea bird fly away with a couple left over french fries in its beak. If you happen to have food waste, make sure you dispose of it in a way that the seabirds and aquatic life cannot reach. When they eat our foods its disturbs their diets. Even worse, when they start to wander where all the waste is, they can get injured and get plastics stuck around their necks. 
3. Cut The 6 Pack
Whatever kinda 6 pack you fancy to drink be sure to cut the plastic rings off so the birds or sea life don’t have any unwanted accessories.
4. Consume Sustainably Caught Seafood
Always check to see if your seafood was caught sustainably. If you purchase can tuna, you can check for dolphin safe certifications on the can.
5. Change Your Sunscreen!
Some sunscreens have chemicals in them that are very harmful to the ocean water and those who live in it. Many places in the Caribbean and high tourist attractions have banned the use of such sunscreens. Make sure you are protecting your skin and the water by using safe sunscreens.
6. Contact Your Local Representative
You do not need to be an elected official to make a difference in your community. Start small, and let them know that saving the beaches and oceans is something that is important to you. Work together to find a way to make a difference and they will help you scale the change you made to make an even larger impact.
7. Donate To The Cause
Misconceptions of making change is donating tons of money. Of course, donating money helps but it is not everything. Donating your time to your local community and participating in a beach clean up, or simply word of mouth can help bring awareness to these issues.
8. Take A Safe Trip
If you choose to go on a cruise, check out their environmental friendly page to see what actions they take to ensure they are doing their part. In these reports, they show what organizations they support as well as materials they bring onboard ships.
9. Be an Ocean Friendly Pet Owner
Everyone loves bringing their dogs to the beach and watching them enjoy the sunshine and the sand. Make sure you cleanup after your dog. Use sustainable dog waste bags and dispose of them properly into the trash.
10. Pickup Rubbish
When walking along the beach and you happen to see some trash where it doesn’t belong, it really doesn’t matter how it got there. What is important is that you found it and you are going to pick it up and dispose of it. Lead by example, and hopefully a chain reaction will occur. If everyone committed to picking up one or two pieces of trash when walking the beach, the ocean would be better for it.
11. Leave The Animals Where Your Found Them
Don’t bring any fish back with you to add to your at home aquarium. Let them be in the sea where they belong. If you happen to be catching a wave you see dolphins or seals let them be. You are in their environment, do not disturb them.
12. Gone Fishing?
Fishing at the beach has been a popular hobby forever. Casting a line off the pier or at the shore of the ocean. Make sure you follow the local regulations. If the fish is not at size, release them back into the ocean safely. When you snap your line, make sure you don’t drop it into the ocean.
13. All Year Round
If you happen to live in a climate where going to the beach is seasonal, keep in mind that the ocean still needs your help. You can contact local sea turtle rescues to see if they need any volunteers or educators to speak on the causes they are supporting.
14. Sustainable Products
Ultimately, all the waste you find along the beach once was a single use product that someone had a small need for. If you switch too sustainable and reusable products this will reduce significantly. Start to refuse plastic bags and even paper bags and use your sustainably made reusable ones. 
Image:  Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash 

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