3 Ways To Be More Green When You Travel

  1. Purchasing Travel Soap Containers

Typically I like to buy in bulk because I don't like to run back and forth to the store multiple times a week. However, this is also good because whenever I travel I use the soap I already have at home and put them in a to- go soap containers. This is a good alternative that is more realistic for most people. You can find these at the local drug store for pretty cheap. Save them and re use them over and over again. What would be ideal? Now they have alternatives for hair care products that don’t come in plastic bottles at all, take your pick!   

  1. Wear What You Already Have

I use to have a habit of whenever I would travel I would buy brand new clothes for the trip. What ended up happening was that I had a ton of new trendy outfits and by the time I would have the chance to wear them again they would be out of style or didn't fit right. These clothes would also take up space in my closet which didn't help the build up of clutter. Stop buying fast fashion, and use what you already have Channel your inner DIY!

  1. Bring a Reusable Shopping Bag

I love to purchase souvenirs whenever I travel. Typically I by for myself and family members. I always end up needing bags as I am leaving the shop. To prevent using the plastic bag the store provides you, bring your own! Same rules apply whether you are home or traveling, always keep a reusable bag handy! They are flat and light and easy to store in a suitcase. If you chose to carry a water proof one with you as well you can also use these as a beach bag!

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