3 Ways to Have a Greener Closet

  1. Donate all Old Clothes and Shoes

What’s that saying again? Another person's trash is another person's treasure! However that expression goes, it's so true! Regardless if you donate it to a local donation bin, pass it along to friends or family, this is always a better option than throwing it away! If its is an old T- shirt that really can’t be used again, turn it into a rag to dust off your countertops or wash your car. Channel your inner DIY!   


  1. Shop Consignment Stores

You may be hearing of a new thing called “stop shopping fast fashion”. What this means is that fashion retailers immediately take what they see on the catwalks at fashion week and put it right into the stores. This means that a lot of clothes go to waste because they didn't sell in enough time! My suggestion is to shop thrift or consignment stores. Not only is this supporting local business in your area but the prices are heavily discounted. In the end, you are actually saving more money! In turn, you can also bring your old things to the consignment store and make some money as well!

  1. Hang Dry Laundry

By hang drying your clothes, not only will you be using less energy and not polluting the world with dryer sheets, you will help your clothes last much longer! The extreme heat and rolling around, causes wear and tear on the clothes. This also causes them to lose color and shrink up! You can easily purchase a clothing rack (way cheaper than a dryer) and save some money on that electric bill and your clothes!  

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