3 Ways to Save The Planet by What You Eat

  1. Plant Based Diets of Your Choice

Not only is this scientifically proven that eating a plant based diet will make you a healthier person, it will also make us a healthier planet! I am not saying go full vegan, but by simply by reducing the amount of meat you eat each day will help our ecosystem heal itself from all the water, deforestation, and air pollution. Personally, I was a vegetarian for 6 months and after that became a pescatarian for almost two years now! What diet are you going to try next?

    2. Eating Organic

It's no secret that the mass producers of food in the United States use chemicals and preservatives on the food they sell. Eating organic will guarantee that none of the GMO and other chemicals that are harmful to the planet will be used. This tactic of using chemicals may make the company more money, however they are damaging the soil and polluting our water. Do yourself and the planet a favor and eat organic whenever you can!  

  3. Eliminate Eating Processed Foods

When you eat processed foods, they’re almost always in plastic wrap or cardboard boxes (such as cereals). Cardboard for example, takes 3 months to decompose which is way less than the plastic wraps that are around your granola bars. Those can take anywhere from 10 -12 years. Reality is, the energy of the factory machines are polluting the air in toxic ways. I suggest eating more whole foods such as fruits and vegetables or try making your own granola bars and snacks with whole ingredients!  

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