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4 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Waste At Work

       4 Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Waste At Work

It’s one thing to change your habits in the house, but how can you change your habits in the office? Here are four helpful tips you can start implementing today to eliminate the waste guilt you may feel when you are at work.

1. Double-Sided Prints

Maybe this one is obvious but start using double-sided prints! If you are in a position where you need to have physical copies of the paper when possible try to print on both sides of the paper.

Pro Tip! Do you have an option to go digital? If you are giving a presentation to a large group or in a one on one meeting, tell everyone you will email the deck at the end of the meeting for their review.

2. Reusable Notebooks

If you are someone that likes to take handwritten notes, whether it’s out of habit or you feel it help you retain information more easily, you don’t have to change your habit entirely here. Luckily, we live in a world full of innovation. The Pocketbook notebook that I will link here is a great alternative. When using this notebook and pen you can erase as well as microwave your notebook when you are done with it to blast away the ink so you can start fresh all over again!

Pro Tip! If this notebook is too much change too soon did you know that 1.6 billion pens are thrown away each year? Try switching to a refillable pen to help bring this number down.

3. Desk Trash

The waste bin at your desk can easily be converted into a paper only trash bin. You can choose to bring the trash bin to the larger recycle bin on your own or you can mark your trash bin for the custodial staff so they can properly dispose of it. If this may feel insignificant to you. Take a week to give yourself a “trash audit” and see what you ended up compiling. Was it that 3 p.m. wrapper from the vending machine? Or was it that orange peel scraps?

Pro Tip! No need to put a trash bag in the bin if it is only being used for paper. You can reduce your trash bag waste by implemented this easy new tip

4. Real Plates

I find that co-working places really nailed this one. They have full kitchens with plates and silverware ready for use. However, for those of us who don’t work in a co-working office you may not have this full kitchen feature in your office. If so, grab some real plates from the dollar store and have them live at work. Wash, dry, and put away at your desk or in the cabinet. By doing this you will be one less person contributing to the 64 billion paper cups and plates thrown away each year.

Pro Tip! Bring forks, knives, spoons on an as need basis when you are first starting. 


Four action items to make you reduce your waste at work. Who knows, maybe this will start a chain reaction in your office. Let your co-workers know what you are doing and see which of these trends catch on!

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash 


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