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5 Moves for a flatter Stomach!

Set small, achievable goals for yourself to help you stay motivated and build a habit. Here are 5 moves to get you started! 

  1. High Plank

Start out on all fours, once in position extend the right arm horizontally out in front of you and hold. Bring the arm back to starting position and do the same motion with the left. Repeat for 10 total reps !


  1. Forearm Plank

Similar to before, start on all fours and bring yourself down to your forearms. Keep your back in a straight line and hold here for 30 seconds, you got this!


  1. Side Plank

Start out on all fours raise your right arm up towards the ceiling and let your body naturally follow the arm. Hold here for 30 seconds and then switch to your left side for another 30 seconds


  1. Elevated Plank

Get yourself a small step, then start out in a high plank and put your feet on the step this will activate all the muscles in the body hold here for another 30 seconds


  1. Crunches

To finish the set, do 15 crunches to finish off the workout!


Once these 5 moves are completed, repeat until you complete 3 rounds!