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Admissions Gifts Prospective College Students Actually Want

Trying to wow your prospective students and their parents is hard enough with all the competition out there these days. So you might be asking yourself "what can we do to set us a part?"

Let's face it, all they want is swag. I guarantee they will make a stop in the campus store to pick up some branded swag whether they decide to come to the school or not. All the students want is too proudly wear your brand across their chest or down their pant leg. Why? because they want to show to all their friends at school the next day that they had the chance to visit a campus and be impressed with the competitive programs your university is offering. They want to talk about you and the experience they had on your campus.

The key here is, that's what everybody does. They hope they make the stop in the campus store. Why not give them a freebie item as soon as they arrive? Gen X are looking for progressive universities that are not just going to give them another pen, ID holder for the back of their phones. They want something impactful to add to their lives, something that will make a difference and show that the university took time to think of something unique and not just give them "more stuff". 

Sticking with engravings and name branding is key. What type of products would they want? Climate Change, Ocean  Pollution, Climate Emergency are all concerns of this young generation looking to make a difference. Give them a product where they actually can. Straws are the number one topic in all restaurants today. Some places don't offer straws at all, other only give out paper which everybody hates, some still give out plastic straws, other only give plastic straws upon request. So how can you be the conversation starter at every single dinning experience going forward?

By giving the students an engraved metal straw and holder as your marketing promo item, you will be the talk of the town. Everyone will ask that prospective student where they got one and how can they get their hands on one too! The students will be thinking of the time spent on your campus every time they take out there straw for use. When decision time comes around, you will know that you will be a strong contender because you gave them a product that will have your name on it and looked at every single day! 

Ordering wholesale metal straws has never been easier or faster. head to our product page and chose from our selection of custom metal straws. You can order directly on the website or you can schedule a quick 10 min consult with someone from our sales team. If you are still feeling skeptical, we happily will mail you an engraved metal straw and holder directly for FREE! 

So what are you waiting for? Metal straws have officially took over the USA, join the rest of em while getting your brand exposure as well. 

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