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Doutzen Kroes, commonly known for being a top model, posted on her Youtube channel "Doutzen Diaries" a video called "A SIMPLE SUSTAINABLE DAY". The video will be linked HERE video is just over 5 minutes long that breaks down how she does her best to live sustainably everyday. 
I love when celebrities are authentic and breakdown how they take actionable steps toward making change that is meaningful to the planet. The details Doutzen shares and my two cents will be explained below: 
First, she shed light on her upbringing and how she grew up in the country side. She talks about how her and her family wanted to preserve how beautiful the landscape was. Doutzen mentions brining a bag with her and would pick up the rubbish so it can be properly disposed. I think the big takeaway here is instilling these values while we are young so we can develop habits early on and we can transfer them generation to generation. 
Second, she discusses the Dutch lifestyle of bike riding as the main use of transportation. When you can, I think it's important to implement alternative transportations. Now that spring is officially around the corner, we can try this new tip! 
Third, I LOVE how she goes into talking about how she brings bags to the beaches while on holidays with her children and she picks up the plastic waste with her kids. This goes back to number one earlier on how we can transfer habits/ traditions from generation to generation. 
Fourth, you may think I am being biased with this one but hear me out. She talks about how she drinks lukewarm water with lemon juice in the morning. She talks about how the lemons acid is bad for teeth so she opts to use a reusable straw that happens to be my personal favorite stainless steel. She then preserves the other half of the lemon with a silicone cover. This is a great alternative than wrapping the lemon in plastic wrap. 
Fifth, she discusses packing her children's lunches in containers and providing them a reusable water bottle that they can refill throughout the day. For herself, she mentions that she opts for beeswax wrap. She likes this because it shares the same quality as foil, food stays fresh for a long, and she can wash it off and reuse it. For her tea that she takes on the go she uses a tea egg. What's that? She takes the tea leaves and inserts them into a stainless steel infuser. I personally use this manatee tea infuser off of Fred for when I am at home. Another helpful tip she mentioned is having one for travel and one for at home. 
Sixth, grocery shopping bags! My hometown (New York) as of March is finally getting rid of plastic shopping bags. Doutzen on the other hand has been already doing this for quite sometime. She brings her reusable grocery bags with her as well as additional bags for produce items. What I LOVED about this section of the video is she shows some honesty. She is referring to when she is out on her bike and needs to pick up some produce from the grocery store and realizes she does not have a reusable bag on hand. She says she uses the paper produce bags when she is in a pinch BUT she saves them to repurpose them for something else.
Seventh, she uses bar soap to wash her hands. This one may sound so simple and silly but think about it. How much plastic do we go through for liquid soap to get the same exact results as bar soap? 
Eighth, reusable napkins! She talks about how she found these as a souvenir item when traveling to Kenya. Then she started using them daily because of how eco friendly they are. 
Lastly, when taking her makeup she uses reusable makeup pads or a cloth, say goodbye to wipes! 
In summary, Doutzen expresses how she started her eco journey as a child and it progressed overtime due. She started by picking up rubbish along the country side and how it increased her awareness to everything else. From that small action she took as a child evolved into several eco habits that are easy to do. What are you going to implement? Do you have any additional tips and tricks? 

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