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Make A Big Impact By Making Little Impact

Doing BIG things in a small way is our motto & we will help you get there! 

If you ever spent at least 10 seconds on our website you will know that we stress using plastic straw alternatives. We chose this product to be our bread & butter because we wanted to show the world how something so simple is making a drastic impact. You've probably have seen this quote floating around on social media "it's one straw...said 8 billion people"

When you say 8 billion people to yourself you look through the lens as all of us as a community instead of you as an individual. When you take your one action and multiply it by 8 billion, you then suddenly have this revelation that what you are doing is in fact actually causing harm and its not just one straw. 

Change is hard, I totally get it so here are 10 tips for you to start today by making little impact on your daily life while making a big impact in the long run!

Editors Tip: #10DayChallenge If committing to all 10 in one day is overwhelming, use a new tip everyday for the next 10 days!  


1. Eliminate Plastic Straws: (hehe shameless plug) Check out our silicone straw & metal straw options 

2. Reusable Coffee Tumblr: Not only is this saving the planet but you are also saving money! Start making that coffee at home and lets face it, if you are anything like me you actually are obsessed with the creamer! (Julia's favorite creamer click here % Julia's favorite coffee click here

3. Cutlery: You can order some light weight cutlery online in super cute packaging or you can do what I did when I was commuting into the city everyday and just use a metal one from your drawer! 

4. Silicone Sandwich Bags: GAME CHANGER! Anything easy to clean is always welcome in my life.

5. Bamboo Toothbrush: Oppose to typical plastic these are biodegradable 

6. Public Transportation: Fun fact, I always walked to the train when I was commuting to my corporate job. When I made it into the city I then took the subway. 

7. Ditch Paper Towels: Yes, I promise you can live without them. 

8. No More Plastic Bags: Make sure you have reusable ones stored in your car, otherwise you will look like me juggling all your groceries in your arms trying not to drop anything in the parking lot (insert upside down smiley face here) 

9. DIY Home Cleaners: Make your own all purpose cleaners 

10. Beeswax Wrap: Get ride of plastic cling wrap, it does not work anyways!


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