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Personalized Custom Straw For One!

Thoughtful DIY gifts show that extra personalized touch. If you are anything like me, arts & crafts is not my strong suite. When I DIY a gift, it always looks terrible and makes it look like I put ZERO effort at all! Who can relate?
With that said, I found it really challenging to find someone online that can make a DIY personalized gift. I ran into two major issues. First, for something personalized the cost can be outrageous. Second, the order quantities would be way too high to try and get the price down. 
For us here and UseMe LIFE, we decided to offer a single unit custom metal straw with the fair and reasonable price of $24.99USD. Now you can personalize with someones name, anniversary, or birthday (just to name a few!) 
We currently offer 4 different fonts
Font Above: Snell Rounded
Font Above: Monotype Corsiva
Font Above: Times New Roman
Font Above: Ariel 
Now, you can have a wholesale metal straw at a retail price! 

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