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The Facts About Stainless Steel Straws

The Facts About Stainless Steel Straws

So let's get down to the facts, what are the facts about stainless steel straws? Are they really that much better than plastic? In short, a big fat YES! However, I have a feeling you’re not convinced. Here are my top facts about stainless steel straws and why plastic straws are so bad.

What Makes Stainless Steel Straws Great

A breeze to clean! Stainless steel is a material you have been using for years in your kitchen whether you realized it or not. I bet most of the silverware you have in your draw is made of stainless steel. By adding another addition to the draw made of the same material only makes sense! The good news is that the cleaning procedure does not have to change. Thats one less new habit you have to form! Our stainless steel straws are easy to clean. You can simply hand wash them if you choose, they come with a cleaning brush for you to do so. Or you can just toss them into the dishwasher. Due to the material that is used, they will not rust or grow bacteria. Which leads me to my next point… why they are the safest reusable option to use!

The safest reusable straw option on the market! I’m sure you can make some assumptions as to why the stainless steel option is the safest based off of my previous point. However, if you are just skimming the article I will break it down a bit further! You may have heard of other reusable straw options such as glass or bamboo. The problem with these could cause you serious harm. Glass is a more delicate material which means if you accidentally drop it on your counter or the floor, the straw can break and is no longer useful. Or arguable even worse, You could not realize they’re is a tear in the glass and swallow some of the particles. This is a dangerous material and should be used with great caution. My next least favorite option is the bamboo straws. These straws are a wood base witch means if the straw is not cleaned or dried properly bacteria can invest the straw without you even realizing it! You could be consuming bacteria with is dangerous. 

Available in a wide variety If I haven’t scared you already, you have probably decided that stainless steel straws is in fact the only real option you may have. Have no worries, the stainless steel straws come is a variety of options. For starters, stainless steel can come in many colors. You will never have to worry about scratching the color away because it is electro plated. Next, you have different diameters for the straws. Do you prefer a boba tea straw? Smoothie straw? or even a cocktail sized straw? We make them perfect for every drink option. Diameter isn’t the only variety option, length is as well. Do you have a shorter glass for a cocktail or a child size cup? We got you covered. Variety when it comes down to travel options is another. We have collapsed straws as well as biodegradable wooden holders.

A great way to reduce waste in landfills plastic straws pile up into landfills because they are not recycled properly and they take 500 years to decompose. Glass and bamboo are not sustainable enough to eliminate this problem. Only the stainless steel straw can do so.

The most eco friendly choice at the end of  the day, we are here and all making this transition to better the planet and the marine life who have suffered from our poor choices globally for centuries. Besides the waste the plastic creates, the fumes and chemicals that go into making straws are also so harmful for our air quality.

Above are some of the reasons that make stainless steel options so great, if you want to read more about the benefits of reusable stainless steel straws click here to read another UseMe LIFE blog. If you want to continue learning more about why plastic straws are so bad, keep reading below.

What Makes Plastic Straws So Bad 

Plastic straws decompose at a rate that lasts well beyond our lifetime. Some research shows that it can take up to 500 years and others show 200. Either way, this product can only be used one time and could take up to 500 years to leave this earth.

Chemical intake polypropylene is a type of plastic that most single use straws are made from. This plastic is thought to be approved by the FDA. There is evidence that shows chemicals from polypropylene can leach into liquids and may release compounds that could affect estrogen levels, especially when exposed to heat and acidic beverages or UV light. When you think about this, sea animals ingest our plastics when in the ocean. If these are the damages we can face, what about them? To learn more about the evidence that supports this research click here

To close These are facts that I have collected overtime and like all research as we evolve, we learn more than we knew before. Please be advised that you need to keep doing routine research to know what the best practices are. 


Photo by Keith Champaco on Unsplash

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