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Our Story

When we decided to take a trip to Ireland, we expected to be amazed by the beautiful landscapes, animals freely roaming the countryside, and deliciously fresh food. Instead, we felt the most impressive thing about our trip was the cleanliness of the cities and the high quality of the air. There was no litter to be found on the sidewalks of the city or on the shore of the beaches. While this may seem silly, it was quite the welcomed surprise for two people that earn a living in the densely populated northeastern cities of Boston and New York City. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Then it hit us. The jubilance behind our senses should be the standard, rather than a welcomed exception, for how we live amongst each other. To make this happen, we are bringing not only our wonderful memories back with us from Ireland, but also our sustainable habits.

When founding UseMe LIFE, we were keenly aware that 80% of the ocean’s pollutants are 100% avoidable if we collectively make incremental changes to our daily lives. UseMe LIFE’s mission is to develop sustainable products that will help reduce the amount of harmful pollutants in our beautiful environment. Please join us in making the world a better, and cleaner, place for us all.

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