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Eco Friendly Kids Straw
silicone straws for kids with case
Eco Friendly Kids Straw
Eco Friendly Kids Straw
Eco Friendly Kids Straw

Eco Friendly Kids Straw

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ATTENTION PARENTS: Finally a product that will make your life easier while out to dinner with your children, silicone straws! Most parents would support the elimination of plastic straws in restaurants however, most were not prepared for the mess their child would make in front of the entire restaurant. With the elimination of plastic straws restaurants are doing one of two things. 1: They are eliminating straws all together so now the child increases the risk of making a mess 

2: They are providing paper straws that are dissolving in the child's mouth and falling a part. This is now creating wet paper all over the table and ultimately no straw at all. 

We hear you, this is incredibly frustrating and the last thing you want to be worried about while spending quality time with your families. The Solution Has Arrived! Silicone Straws Designed For Kids! 

The Design

we made it really easy to get children to like this by having fun color options they can connect with. The capsule look makes using the straw fun. Which means two things. Your child will learn the importance of using this new fun straw. Second, no more mess or embarrassment while out in public. It's a win - win!  Silicone is a better alternative for kids because the material is gentle on skin and teeth. Heck, this isn't something that is just good for kids but adults too. I know you stumbled upon this page for the best interest of your kids so we will keep the focus on them! 

Eco Friendly Is Not Going Away

Once a state passes this regulation it is not turning back. Are you in one of the states where plastic straws are no more? Are you traveling to a state with this new law? Either way be prepared because this is spreading across the country quickly.  

Product Details

  • Silicone 
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Foldable straws
  • Key chain holder 
  • Eco friendly kids straws

Easy To Travel With

Due to its key chain feature, clip this on your child's backpack, attach it to their lunch box or even diaper bag or purse. This product will not get lost in the clutter do to its key chain feature. Children at school will want to have one of these too. Eco friendly kids straws will be the new trend in the new decade. 

 Developing Habits Young

Starting to teach children at a young age why this product is so important to the survival of the planet is crucial. Show them that taking little steps go a very long way and that we can all make a difference no matter how big or small we are. Eco friendly kid straw allows children to feel the power of change. Reusable straws are easy for kids to carry around because you can clip it to the lunch box or backpack! 

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